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Basic Lighting Design Tips
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Why outdoor lighting?
Pretty and practical.
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Guidelines for Chandelier Selection
Here are a few helpful hints while browsing for your chandeliers!
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Vanity Lighting Basics
Do`s and Don`ts of Bathroom Vanity Lighting
Read MoreCalander Image 11/14/2016
Lighting Defined
What are the different types of lighting I should know about and use when designing a room?
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Maxim Lighting History
This is the history of one of our finest manufacturers.
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The Wonders of Lighting
Some thoughts on lighting you may not have had.
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A Bit on Bathrooms
Are you curious about how to light your bathroom?
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Lamps: Inexpensive But Effective
You may be surprised...
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A Bit About Tiffany
Did you know about Tiffany?
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